VSB Groupons

VSB Massage is by appointment only.  Please Call (757) 287-7357 first to ensure we have the availability you are looking for before you purchase a Groupon.  If we are unable to pick up the phone text the same number with your first and last name, email address and cell number and at least two desired dates and times.  Nine times out of ten we can accommodate your first choice.  Please allow at least 30mins to 1 hour for someone to get back to you back to schedule before you purchase.

Unfortunately, VSB will not be able to accept more than one voucher per service from the same person in a 180 day period per Groupon guidelines.   

Purchasing multiple vouchers for the same service for the same person within a 180 day period is not allowed per Groupon guidelines. Using more than one Groupon purchased by the same person on the same day is not allowed. VSB Groupons are subject to availability, because of this trying to use Groupons for a special occasion such as weddings, out of town guest or special outtings with family and friends are strongly discouraged. Most Groupons have group packages to accommodate groups or pairs for this reason.



Client A cannot purchase 3 Swedish Massage vouchers for themselves in a 180 period, however, Client A can purchase 3 Swedish Massage vouchers within a 180 day period and give 2 as a gift. These vouchers cannot be used in the same day.

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